Booking Julia and Flutterby Events was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. She found an all inclusive venue (Wedgewood - Napa) and attended the initial wedding meetings. As our wedding date approached she became the muscle and strong-armed our vendors into getting things done. She coordinated the rehearsal choreography and we felt confident all the details were covered. Julia's assistant helped my dad setup all the flowers before the ceremony. Julia coordinated all of our helpers to make the ceremony and reception site beautiful. Julia kept everything on time (our time) and our day was perfect. My parents, family and guests were absolutely impressed with her superior professionalism and ability to handle it! She was the impenetrable force that kept any chaos/drama from touching us. Our day was perfect!!

- Allegra Mitchell

I found Julia via a wedding faire at the Santa Clara Convention in early 2012 and was getting married in Aug 2012. She was tabling and provided very straight forward costs on her services which I liked. I love Julia! Easy going personality and will "keep it real" with you in a professional way. Things I really loved about Julia:

  1. She's best when you meet in person and takes the time to talk through everything (she spent a good 2 hours sitting down with us and never seemed like she was in a hurry to leave). The fiance and I were in our dining room sitting with her talking through the entire event and she came up with some GREAT stuff that we would NEVER have thought of i.e. renting a dance floor in the grass area during our reception so it'd be easier for us to do our first dance (and the price wasn't that bad!!) and the wine barrel bar.
  2. She's very connected and can ping her network for answers or other ideas
  3. I believe we were her #5 wedding, and she was able bring up logistical stuff that we didn't think of i.e. buffering some time to eat while we changed outfits (I'm Vietnamese so I had to do 3 outfit changes!)
  4. Just REALLY loved how she can problem solve logistical stuff on the fly i.e. our wedding ceremony was outdoors and the walkway to the outdoor gazebo left me as a bride exposed and took away the "ahh!" because from the dressing room to the outdoor area was at least 500 ft). She came up with a great idea to have the bridal party, once they walked out, to line up to be like a human fence, so that I could walk behind them and make a more BIG reveal. I was so thrilled with this!
  5. She SAVED my wedding. Apparently my cake lady took my dvd slide-show by accident, and about an hour before showing the video, she and the wedding coordinator were trying to figure out where it went. She was smart enough to figure out it was the cake lady (why of all people would she take it?!). Had my MoH call her (speaking in Viet) to explain that she probably took it and they said "Oops! Sorry." Brought it to the venue in the nick of time. I didn't even know this til the next day.

Overall, I had a really good experience working with Julia. She was at her best when we met in person and I LOVED her creative and logistical ideas. They really saved some of our wedding plans :). And I sent her pictures of how I wanted all the decorations during the reception and ceremony to look, and she executed them TO THE T!! I was really really happy about that.

- Natalie Pham

Julia was the event coordinator at one of the weddings we hosted at our venue, Palmdale Estates, and we cannot say enough good things about her! Her quick thinking really saved the day from a particular issue that arose. After 25 years of being in the event planning business myself, I find her to be truly remarkable at her job and extremely organized. For those of you who are looking for a wonderful event coordinator, Julia is who you want! I know you're event will be flawless with her in charge.

- Veena

My wedding was May 31st, 2014. When I started planning for my wedding (3 months before the date..) I thought I had it all under control. I contacted Julia for consultation only (with the mentality of "I don't need a coordinator"), and quickly realized I was so wrong. There was a TON I hadn't thought about. Hiring Julia was the best decision EVER! I am one of the few brides out there that can honestly say that my wedding was perfect. No headaches, no worries, no mistakes. Julia made sure everything ran smoothly and on time. Perfection is short in describing her experience, professionalism, and talent. Thank you, Julia!

- Norma McCall

Thank God for Julia Bump and Flutterby Events. At 3 months before the wedding I was a stress ball, couldn't picture the big day as going perfect as all the tiny details were too many let alone dealing with the logistics of the actual day. She not only kept me from worrying about the schedule by creating it for us, connected us to the perfect DJ, gave us additional ideas to include my 2 kids in the ceremony more, and led all the vendors so that I didn't have to think about anything but feeling beautiful on our wedding day. I want to thank Julia and Becky, her assistant, for all their amazing efforts. There is no way we could have enjoyed ourselves without their help. The floral sling for Sophie's arm they they engineered from leftover flower petals and fabric tape was a stroke of genius!


People didn't even realize she had broken her arm, 5 days before the wedding day, until we went table to table. We hadn't even given Julia heads up about this mishap as we didn't think anything could be done about it. Matrimonial camouflage at its finest! The evening truly did flutterby without a hitch. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Julia and Becky. I wholeheartedly recommend them for making the most important day a happy memory.

- Gina Bramwell

As an event industry professional, I work with Julia on a regular basis. I have seen her work with clients in designing and planning their events and have been endlessly impressed with her willingness to spend extra time explaining alternate options and informing clients of all those tiny details that you don't think of when its your first "rodeo". As an industry professional, I give my stamp of approval to Julia's work, and would recommend her to any couple in need of a competent, thoughtful, invested, creative coordinator.

- Jenna Marek

For any perspective bride that’s wondering exactly what goes into planning a wedding and how much stress it truly can be, I assure you, the pressure can be overwhelming. That’s where Julia of Flutterby Events came to the rescue. I was lucky enough to meet Julia in the beginning of her career and forge not only a professional relationship but also a wonderful friendship with her. Once you meet her, you too will understand why I say that. In the world of planning weddings, Julia makes a dedicated effort to build a connection with the couple especially the Bride. Her calming presence the day of a wedding starts everything off on the right foot! You cannot help but want to be around her! Why use Julia and Flutterby Events? Although many believe that having a friend, relative, or even the Bride herself plan a wedding to be a good idea, having someone caring like Julia help you every step of the way is a load of relief off any Bride’s shoulders. Not only did Flutterby Events help with the planning but Julia made sure that the nerves subsided and that my husband and I enjoyed our moment. This is a special day that should be enjoyed and remembered, not stressed over. Julia takes meticulous notes and helps you complete the look and vision you are hoping to create. Her time-line and scheduling creates a structured way for everything to fall into place. She specializes in making the special day even that much more special by not only meeting the needs but going above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day! She takes the time to sit down with you and go over every detail of what you’ve envisioned for your special day. With Julia’s expertise and eye for detail, Flutterby Events will turn your idea into a vision of beauty. All Brides will not be disappointed in the experience they will have with Julia and Flutterby Events.

- Mrs. Aspacia Cowan